Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take notes if you like

I'm from the Southeast, born and raised. I love it here and could never see myself anywhere else. It has a bad reputation, but so do Democrats and Hamburgers.. and while they've brought us some heartburn on occasion, overall they've brought us pleasure and turned out alright.

I have quite the art background in schooling and employment, it's something I heart and enjoy. I'm big into music and instruments, even though I cannot play anything other than Heart and Soul on the piano. I think music keeps us sane... or it at least keeps me sane. The first week of knowing Steven, he said that I always had music playing as if it (or I) was making a soundtrack for my life. I'm hopelessly loyal. My tact isn't always perfect. I'm attached to a camera 90% of the time. I love bread. And my dog.