Friday, June 28, 2013

Instagram vs. Film

I recently followed the masses and created an account with Instagram. I confess that at first I would roll my eyes whenever I saw people pretending to be photographers, applying filters and a faux focus to their tap-of-a-finger photos.  I do not recall what ultimately tempted me give Instagram a try, perhaps it was actually buying a new cell phone (and the excitement of filling up your new phone with free apps). 

Below is a brief compilation of a few photos taken over the last 2 weeks. While nothing compares to the satisfaction of producing your very own work of art on actual film, Instagram is quite addicting.. and the instant gratification is nice too.  I may update my Instagram photos here every so often, as I already have many more from last weekend.  Just like those chip commercials, once to start you just can't stop! Stay tuned..

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Touring the Real Estate

Steven and I have lived in Nashville for almost two years now and since we have decided to stay indefinitely, let the house hunt begin!  We've only been researching houses for a week or two and it's exhausting.  Comparable to a roller coaster of interest and emotions..  high interest, low interest, happy speed, periods of calm, and terrifying peaks.   
Observation time in the mind of yours truly:  Upon walking through a house, I cannot help but imagine the people/person who calls it home,  You are getting a first hand view of how they live.  You smell their smell, you see their belongings, their style, and their cleanliness (or lack thereof in some cases).  More often than not it's fascinating to experience, though I confess that I will be happy when we find the perfect house that makes us (and our pups) feel at home.