Friday, June 28, 2013

Instagram vs. Film

I recently followed the masses and created an account with Instagram. I confess that at first I would roll my eyes whenever I saw people pretending to be photographers, applying filters and a faux focus to their tap-of-a-finger photos.  I do not recall what ultimately tempted me give Instagram a try, perhaps it was actually buying a new cell phone (and the excitement of filling up your new phone with free apps). 

Below is a brief compilation of a few photos taken over the last 2 weeks. While nothing compares to the satisfaction of producing your very own work of art on actual film, Instagram is quite addicting.. and the instant gratification is nice too.  I may update my Instagram photos here every so often, as I already have many more from last weekend.  Just like those chip commercials, once to start you just can't stop! Stay tuned..

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