Monday, March 23, 2009

Future Endeavo(u)rs

When I was little I wanted to be many things.. a veterinarian, an environmental lawyer, a National Geographic photographer, a teacher. Years later, I'm still catching myself fantasizing about future endeavors..
-Owning a Bed and Breakfast
-Joining the Peace Corps
-Opening a shop or a gallery
-Opening a bakery with goodies
-Playing with the animals at a zoo
-Art Director for a magazine, designing photo shoots
-Overall, anything color related and/or involving my making a difference

Here's my psuedo-secret.. I think I could do anything above on my fantasy list. I dare to say that I know I can. And so can you. Get an education, make some connections, and grow a support system, then you can operate your art shop by day and cook cupcakes for the penguins by night! It's hard work and some days you'll feel like quitting.. but do it anyway. Do it and love every second of the process that gets you there.. fake it if you don't.

I want to make a difference so badly I can taste every flavor, and other days I stare at the ceiling asking myself why I would ever want to go down this path. Listening to the pessimism and seeing the negative is not enough.. I have to think on a larger scale and paint a bigger picture. A masterpiece. Keep reminding me of this. Let me know your progress, and I'll keep you posted with mine.

I'm currently getting my masters degree in art education. Keeping that in mind and reading back over my fantasy list, I think that I'm on the right track. I am thankful to my loved ones, past and present, who provide me with overwhelming support and encouragement.

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