Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is the grass really greener? Maybe it's just the lighting.

Rudy Huxtable is grown up and has the seemingly perfect job. She is happy and paid well and content with where her life is.. then another job comes her way, one that she would have taken in a heartbeat earlier. Too little too late? Or does she take the chance?

Obviously in this case, Cliff Huxtable (or Claire for that matter) would offer a perspective previously unseen followed by amazing advice. Our lives, for the most part, are not part of a sitcom.. so what advice would your inner Cliff or Claire give? Would YOU stick with what makes you happy now, or risk it all for what would have made you happy then?

I got a fortune cookie once that read "Imagine you could get what you want.." Wow, true story. Let's play along with this text and imagine. Not too much though. Over analyzing is never a flattering trait, so skip it. Forget about the fortune for now Rudy, throw it away and stick with what you know works.

Maybe it is just the lighting after all.. because that grass on the other side is starting to look a little dingy to me.

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