Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chance meeting with the folks of 2nd Chances

Today I ran into a group of folks traveling the country, moving to end hunger across America. They call themselves 2nd Chances; Free Food Kitchens. We got to talking and I took my camera along for the conversation.

I was invited to see the inside of their bus which was fully stocked with food and supplies and somehow also managed to house at least 8 people (along with dogs and other pets). The ceiling of the bus was decorated with signatures of people they had met along their movement, and I am happy to say that my name is now one of them.

Atlanta is next on their feeding tour and then they're heading to the coast. If you see them along your way be sure to stop and say hello. Donations (food or money) are welcome!

They have a Myspace page, check it out..


Anonymous said...

I also met the folks of "2nd Chances" today. They were in Dallas, Ga after feeding over 100 of the homeless in Atlanta.
They were kindly invited to park their bus at the Brier Patch Restaurant in Dallas, GA, and treated to a meal.
I found the small group to be very friendly and excited with a passion about what they do and how they desire to share with the homeless.
I also brought my iPhone camera along and was encouraged to photograph them and their bus and pets as well.
I thought it a pleasure to meet a different but passionate group of young folks.
Have a great day.
August 12, 2010

Bus Crew said...

wow. that is intense. lovin you guys!