Thursday, March 24, 2011

A change is gonna come..

If you know the song, sing it in your head. Sam Cooke was a lyrical genius as far as I'm concerned. Now I don't compare my life to the tone of this song by any means.. I am at a much better place than the character portrayed and the symbolism represented in this song. I simply mean that in my life, oh yes, a change is coming.

I once purchased a sticker that said 'the only constant is change.' What truth this sticker holds- which is why I've kept it around for as long as I have. At one point you would have heard me say that I hated change, that it made me nervous and overwhelmed. The fact of the matter is now that I've experienced so much change in my 30 years, both seemingly good and bad, I have come to depend on it.

A marriage, a career, and a new life await me in the upcoming months. Three big changes all wrapped up into one bittersweet package! Bitter in that it takes much work to plan a wedding.. to network myself in a sea of strange faces.. to find a new job in a new state.. to find a new residence and to start a new life. But along with the bitter, this package of change contains something sweet that is big and new.. something that I can grab by the proverbial horns and check off my list of accomplishments.

So as you see, a change is coming no matter what. How prepared I am for said changes can drastically improve or congest the overall experience. With the thought now blogged, off I go to network again to the soothing sounds of Mr. Cooke.

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