Friday, September 11, 2009

Delta Fair

On Labor Day we went to the Delta Fair in Memphis. One might assume that a fair is a fair is a fair. I did. That is to say, I did before walking through the gates. Immediately I saw a statue of Charlie Chaplin.. but hold the phone.. no, not a statue! It was a woman (or a very little man) decked out head to toe and painted. I'm still so upset with myself for not taking photos of that gem.

Anyway, the fair was amazing.. delicious smells and magical colors, cheesy booths and sketchy rides, a truck pull, a petting zoo, "freak" show, medieval jousting, camel rides (and the ostrich racing and Banana Derby seemed to come straight from one of my favorite classic movies 'Swiss Family Robinson.') Best $8 I've ever spent.. not counting the Funnel Cake which was fried and full of guilty flavor.

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