Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southeastern Debris

As you probably know, my home sweet home in the southeastern region has been bruised and battered by recent tornadoes and floods. I am lucky enough to say that none of this has effected me and my family personally (physically speaking) aside from loss of power and water.. unfortunately so many others cannot say the same.

Watching LIVE television of a class five tornado (one mile wide) ripping through neighborhoods and regions, places that I am familiar with and that are now no longer standing, is terrifying. Watching in fear of the thousands of lives in peril at that exact moment and knowing that your city and neighborhood is next in it's path.. and there's nothing to do except brace and pray.

Below are some photos of my old neighborhood, once rich with trees, where I lived in my sweet house with a red door. The roads are finally reopened, though only enough to allow small vehicles through..

Next are some photos taken in Memphis at the infamous and beautiful Tom Lee Park. The Mississippi River is at an almost all time record high and stretching an estimated 3 miles wide, as opposed to its usual 1 mile. For those of you who are not familiar with Tom Lee Park, these are some images from Riverside Drive showing just how much is underwater (as of Sunday). Typically all of this is grass and walkways with a stairwell and rocks going down to the river..

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